General terms of sale

1) ORDERS - Orders can be placed only by clients of the P.B.R. Sprockets srl. Order may be forwarded in writing by email ( or fax (051.946875). Orders for standard and special materials or to drawings must always refer to PBR Sprockets srl offers. Cancellation of orders from the customer may be accepted only when forwarded in writing and prior to goods despatch. Orders are compelling for client and, from starting f production, cancellations or reductions, even if partial, won’t be accepted, excepting indemnity of manufacturing and material cost met up to cancellation. Partial shipments will be allowed and nothing may be charged to Messrs PBR Sprockets srl for not dispatching the ordered products or for late despatch.

Addition to outstanding orders are allowed but they might postpone despatch date.

The merchandise remains property of Messrs PBR Sprockets srl until the order is completely settled.

2) DESPATCHES - The despatch of goods, including weight free deliveries is effected to the best judgement but without obligation, and at the sole risk of the purchaser. Claims of eventual shortage must be produced within eight (8) days from receipt of goods.

If transport freight, even if partially, are paid by Messrs PBR Sprockets srl, they reserve the right to choose the most suitable means of conveyance.

3) TRANSPORT - The merchandise is rendered ex works: shipments are effected through couriers chosen by Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl (unless different request is clearly stated in the customer’s order). For cash on delivery shipments (Italy) there is an extra-charge of 2% of the total amount of the merchandise (demanded by the courier). Any different condition or term from the above has to be agreed  by Messers. PBR Sprockets srl sales department

4) DELIVERY TERMS - Only the delivery time stated by Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl must be considered valid. The quoted terms of delivery are without engagement, I.e. not legally binding. Indenification claims for non-fullfillment  of/or belated  deliveries are not accepted. The purchaser is not entitled to refuse part deliveries. The purchaser is forced to accept deliveries to our normal working. Unforeseen such as force major, breakdown, transportation delay, difficulties in supply of raw material, strikes, lockouts in our or in the plants of our suppliers, like wastage involving extra production, entitle us to postpone delivery for the period of the handicap, giving communications accordingly, and an appropriate new start or to cancel the uncompleted part at contract at our decretion. 

5) MERCHANDISE RECEIPT - The customer must check the merchandise by receipt, accepting with reserve in case packaging appears to be damaged or cartons are missing. Claims must be forwarded by fax within 8 days from goods receipt.

6) PROCEDURE FOR NON CONFORMING GOODS - Warranty for all products is 12 months from invoicing date. First of all clients must apply for an Authorisation Code for the return of goods from Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl and the return must be effected by courier/post. Then the material can be sent to Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl’s premises for inspection. Any material without Authorisation Code for the return of goods will be rejected.

7) PRICES - Prices are the effective ones at the order-date. All prices have to be understood Ex-factory, excluding packing, (if not agreed otherwise before) taxes excluded. Should increases in manufacturing costs, materials and so on, take place between the date of our order-confirmation and completion of order, our prices will be amended accordingly without prior notice be given.

8) WARRANTY - Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl engage themselves to repair or replace, free of charge, pieces they recognized faulty. Said goods have to be returned free our warehouse, packing and customs included. Warranty decay when pieces returned as wanting, have been repaired or tampered with. Reworking of defective pieces, made by buyers will be recognised only if entitled by PBR Sprockets srl after they approval of estimate.

Messrs. PBR Sprockets srl do not take responsibility upon eventual damages involved in the use of their products, when caused by inappropriate usage. 

9) PACKING - Packing cases are charged at cost

10) PAYMENTS - Will be considered valid only the payments effected according to the terms agreed. When exceeding our payments terms, interest at 3% above the bank interest we have to pay is imposed without formal notice of detention. Non-observance of the payment terms, or circumstances becoming known to us after the conclusion of the contract which are apt to diminish the credit worthiness of the buyer, immediately cause all debts to have matured. In addition, these entitles us to take further deliveries only against payments in advance, or to retire from the contract and claim compensation for non-fullfillment thereof. Withholding or compensation offset is not accepted. 

11) COURT OF JUSTICE - In the event of debate the Court of Bologna has exclusive jurisdiction for purchaser and seller.